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Covertan sheet

an ideal pad for an outdoor above ground pool 
Its great insulating properties make EPP an ideal material for manufacturing outdoor above ground pool pads. That is because EPP withstands strain well. Boards are connected to each other like a “puzzle” to create a perfect flat surface.
Insulating layer, Covertan, Omnipack

Advantages of Covertan

  • the structure consists of a puzzle lock system – the boards are strongly connected to create a flat surface
  • it protects the surface against mechanical impurities
  • the low weight of the boards – the boards are easy to handle, install and remove
  • installation requires no jigs or tools
  • the anti-skid surface
  • the insulating layer thickness, covering board thickness and surface finish can be adjusted to your requirements

Basic information about Covertan

The Covertan insulating boards are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) because:
  • it has excellent insulating properties and its form is permanent
  • it does not absorb moisture
  • it is 100% recyclable
  • it is easy to clean and maintain
The dimensions of a board:1,160 x 580 x 35 mm with an area of 0.67 m2
(it can be cut to tailor it to the ground or to meet individual requirements)