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Fixing elements

Fixing elements are elements in packaging which ensure that parts are properly fixed in the transport packaging during transport  . Any product should not only be well fixed in these parts of the packaging but must also be easy to remove from the packaging.

Fixing elements in packaging save your costs

In most cases they precisely copy the product and their indisputable advantage is that they save the purchase costs of returnable packaging systems. The reason is that only the fixing elements are changed when the product to be transported is changed and the transport packaging itself remains unchanged.

Plastic layers in packaging

Fixing elements can be made of expanded polypropylene, expanded polystyrene, cross-linked polyethylene, not cross-linked polyethylene and/or of cardboard-plastic. Also combinations of the above materials are usual. These are then inserted or stuck into KLT, EPP, KTP or cardboard boxes.

Textile layers in packaging

An ideal solution for painted and visible parts in the automotive industry
Non-woven textile packaging has its applications in the transport of parts having a surface finish. They provide perfect protection against damage during handling and/or transport.
Textile packaging has a long life and durability and provides thus the optimum protection of visible or painted parts.
Textiles consist of non-woven polypropylene fibres with a surface density of about 83 kg/m². The design may be self-supporting and/or with  polypropylene cardboard-plastic reinforcements sewn in. The standard colour is grey. In the case of greater quantities purchased the colour is selected as required by the customer as a matter of course.
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Realized plastic fixing elements

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